Changing Lives For Christ

One Child At A Time!

In Kenya, Mission On The Move is blessed to partner with Isaac Mwangi as he plants churches, leads pastor training conferences, and broadcasts a popular radio ministry that reaches hundreds of thousands.

Mission On The Move has a nutrition program for malnourished children where each Saturday the children come to our mission and eat a hearty, healthy meal. That day they are fed spiritually as well and are given food to take home for the week.They are monitored and stay in the program until they are medically released from the malnourished diagnosis.

God has really blessed Isaac's work in Kenya by filling two churches, seeding a third, and sending 300 pastors to be trained at the Pastor's Conference in 2015!




Our ministry in Mexico provides homes to children whose parents are in prison and to street kids. M.O.M. provides a place to stay, three square meals a day, all school needs, and Christian parenting.

Our missionaries work with children who would otherwise live in the prisons with their parents. This relationship allows our team to witness to the children. But just as importantly to the parents and their roommates in the prisons, sharing the grace and mercy of God to break the generational chains of oppression, crime and poverty.

Our missionaries are blessed with two homes - one for boys and one for girls. These boys and girls are raised in Christ with prayers they will witness to their friends and families.

The Honduras mission consists of an after-school program (grades 1-6), a youth discipleship program (grades 7-12), and university scholarships for qualified students. In 2015 we established our first "gateway home" for transitional care for abandoned babies until they can be adopted by Honduran families. 2016 begins our building project for future children's homes!

Our ministry provides holistic development for each child to include but not limited to discipleship & spiritual development; all school fees, supplies & uniforms; homework help & tutoring; basic medical and dental care;  daily hot, nutritious meals; and hygiene supplies and instructions.

"Helping Honduras fall in love with Jesus one child at a time!"

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